A haunted house by Ben

Voici une petite histoire écrite avec Ben pour Halloween... Si vous ne comprenez pas, inquiétez vous pour votre niveau d'anglais (rire)!!!


One Late night Ben and Tom were walking in town when they saw a building. They went in Tom was scared but Ben walked on. They saw killed people and skeletons and scary paintings on the wall.


The back garden is a graveyard. "Where's Tom?" I said. "Boo. Whos there?". Tom came out. A skeleton came out too. "Look out Tom "I said."It's ok he's a nice skeleton" He said.  His name is Sam.


They walked into a maze. A dragon was flying over them blowing fireballs at them. They were running around and saying "Aaaaaahhhh". They found there way out. And the dragon went away.

At the back of the garden is a lake and on the lake is a boat. On the boat is a pirate. The pirate's name is Matthew. "Hello" said Matthew. "Do you want to come on my boat?". "Ok" said Tom. They got on the boat.


At home, there Mum and Dad were cross Tom and Ben are out too late. "We had to find them" said Mum and Dad.  They went outside over the bridge under the bridge is a lake. Toms and Bens Mum and Dad went away from the lake. A minute later the boat came back. Tom and Ben went inside.

When no one was there, Tom and Ben went to bed an hour later there Mum and Dad came back. Tom and Ben were in a lot of trouble.


The next day they went back to see Sam and Matthew. When they got there Sam and Matthew were flying on the dragon. They were say "Wooohooo". The dragon landed and Tom and Ben got on and the dragon flew them back home.

Now they go there every day.



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